Friday, 4 July 2008

Bind-it-all in action!

I've have my Bind-it-all for a while now and finally found an hour to myself to try it out. I don't think I did too badly for my first attempt. I decided on little mini books using new beer mats to form the covers, bound with 5/8" white wires from Bind-it-all. I used pink cardstock to hide where I glued the outer covers and cream cardstock (8 pages) for the interior pages. The 5/8" wire will actually hold more inner pages than this.

Both books are covered with a designer paper by Arctic frog. The stamped images on the front and interior pages are all by Cornish Heritage Farms.
Pink and green ribbons are by Mayarts.
Blue ribbon by A muse.
Nestabilities for the ovals and scalloped ovals.
Diamante from mystash.

I've included a few more snaps below for those who aren't familiar with what a Bind -it-all looks like.

There are markings on the side for cover, inner pages etc. These beer mats are 10cm square and an ideal size for one punch creating 6 holes.

This is one outer cover punched. I then needed 6 loops cut from the bind it all wire length using wire cutters. One length of wire was 24 loops ( I think) - enough for 4 mini books.

Next, I popped the wire through the holes .

As the wire diameters are 5/8", I used the guide supplied with the Bind it all to ensure the machine was at the correct setting.

These last 2 pics are a little blurry and no I didn't get free beer mats with my beer!!
Put the book into the aperture as pictured.

Pull the handle to force the wire together. The 5/8" setting prevents you from over-squeezing the handle.

Basic supplies, Bind-it-all, wires, 2 beer mats, designer paper, cardstock, glue stick, embellishments. EASY!!!


Claire Brennan said...

Wow - your stuff is a bit fantastic!!! There's every chance I'll be calling up to see you over the summer - Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog - I have bookmarked yours - looking forward to meeting you sometime - thanks again.

Julia Diane said...

What a darling little book! Thank you for the pictures and explanations on the Bind-it-All. I have wondered how that thing works and if I NEED one... looks like I might! Especially now that I see how simple it is to use!
Thanks for sharing!

jlyne said...

Great Tutorial Amanda!! I chose to share an award with you it's on my blog:)

Keri Lee Sereika said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT Mandy!!! I don't have a Bind It All...yet! :)